10 Reasons Why You Are Not Achieving Financial Abundance

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Money is such a sensitive topic… It’s like religion and politics.  People want to have strong opinions outwardly but when it comes to their own personal beliefs, it becomes hush hush.  Let’s talk about it.  Money is needed!  Bottom line.  No matter what type of lifestyle you are living or desire to live, money is going to be the key to get you there. There is no way around it.  

I’m so tickled when I talk about money and abundance and it turns people off.  Yet when I post pictures about living in Puerto Rico these are the same people that say, “I wish I could afford to go and visit!”  Huh? So, what about having the money to just do that. What is blocking you from having anything and everything you need?  And let’s be real, you don’t need to win the Powerball to have an amazing life. You don’t need to marry a basketball player to start living your dreams.  

So, what is causing your disconnect with leveraging real financial freedom?  Well, the biggest factor is your MIND, but it’s not your fault. Most of us were taught that money is evil and we should stay far away from it.  That will do it!  Just teach that and I’m sure you will struggle all of the days of your life!  I’ve been in deep thought about money, mostly in the form of making more come toward me. And YES it has been working!  My account is shiny right now, and I can say that it is mostly because I have released that fear of living in lack.

Reasons why you are not achieving Financial Abundance (Let’s take a closer look)

    1. Laziness:  Yes, let’s just start with the hardest punch. Sorry… I’m working on living an abundant life. And when I hear and see people sitting and sloshing (as I call it), I know that you know what I’m talking about.  Some folks are really lazy.  When they are told what it is going to take to make that paper (money)… they freeze! There is a blockage to their abundance right there because someone made them realize that it actually requires effort. And sitting on their crusty behind will not make money simply roll in.  Not even if they are sitting at a nice easy job.  You think a job is going to allow you a life of freedom?  HA!  Never, if the job pays really well, great!  But I’m sure with that requires more responsibility. That means less time working on your own dreams. Big way to get out of the rat race if you are lazy is to wake up and smell the struggle. There are millions of people working everyday to make it happen.  I would say work harder, but that wouldn’t be right. Let’s say… We have got to work smarter. That is the only way to get out alive and free!


    1. Priorities: If you are in debt, eat out a lot, get your hair done regularly, and whatever other expenses that can be curbed, are evading your ability to save and grow, then you need to make some changes.  Yes, there are viable expenses that one must have to live on this planet, but how often do you need a $6 coffee?  You get it, and you have heard it before… prioritize your spending!


    1. Lack the Ability to Hustle: This is not being lazy. Some people work, work regularly, and work hard too.  But when it comes to Hustling, they are lost and clueless. Hustle?  What does that really mean?  Hustling is the mentality that we need to make some money anyway we can, whether we have a job or not.  Hustling is baking cakes from home, cleaning houses, babysitting, braiding hair, selling clothes from your home or car, painting someone’s house on the weekend…. It’s doing whatever you need to do to make it happen (legally of course).  It requires extra energy and the thought process of, “What can I do to make some loot?”  Some folks don’t think this way, but they should.  Stop complaining about being broke! There is money all around you. Clean out your closet, there it is! #eBay


    1. Goals:  What are your actual goals and are they attainable?  And furthermore, are you actually strategically working on them? Are your goals to be debt free, and to save money?  Are you working on creating multiple streams of residual income?  Why not?  Goal driven is the way to be. It keeps you focused on the mission. #freedom


    1. Money Educated: Do you know how much you are paying in taxes?  Are you taking advantage on paying off your home so you are not living in one house that costs the amount of three? The poorer you are the more you spend, and that sucks royally.  It’s costly to rent things for your home, buying furniture and appliances for five times the amount. How about going on an online marketplace to see what’s for sale?  Why the need for the newest and latest if you have to pay nine times for it?  That would be unsmart.  What about people who charge everything and pay the minimum back on credit cards? The list of things that people do with the money they actually have in an unsmart way is so unfortunate. This can be curbed with education.  Time to get money smart!


    1. Create a business: Business owners are the only people who are lined up to get rich! Your job will never give you this option… In fact, your job insures that the owner of the company is on line to get rich with your help.  Thank you!  You are helping them with their dream. Business owners pay less taxes than workers.  The working class pays more tax than anyone else. That sucks! And it amazes me how many people fear opening a business.  Yes, it is a risk.  But the risk is actually stacked in your favor.  The are too many tools and information out here to insure your success… Go for it!


    1. Too many skills: Once again financial abundance is not something that you have to be born with.  You really need to decide that you want to make it in this world and seek all the information you can to achieve your goals.  There are super professionals out here that I have talked to, but they have been swayed by corporate America. They have skills in their areas but they seem to be stuck in the rat race due to the guise of responsibilities, and that looming cloud called benefits and retirement. So, they are basically waiting to complete their work after 30 years to really enjoy living.  They give the appearance of freedom but ask them if they would rather be on a plane with their family seeing the world?  Their answer would most likely be yes.


    1. Lack of skills:  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Who has heard that question?  Everyone! I knew early that I wanted to become a writer. Yes, I finally figured it out.  My gift to the world are my thoughts on paper, on screen, or whatever it may be. However, while I work on my dream life I am also bringing value to others in all shapes and forms.  You can too!  Seek knowledge and then help others!  There is no excuse for you not to acquire the knowledge you need to make it happen.  And get this, most viable careers don’t require a college education.


    1. Self-Confidence:  When you think of self confidence you usually think about getting up on stage and dancing in front of strangers, right?  Well, you would be surprised how creating a business gets you to your own empowered space. Having the guts to open a business made me GULP too many times.  And on the other side of that I feel extremely confident that the possibilities of this universe are an actuality. Initially one may not have the wherewithal to go forward with a business idea, and yes it is scary. There are many things about creating a business that may be uncertain. In the end you will be empowered that you did it. Your confidence grows as the days go by!


  1. Not having mentors around you: It goes without saying, most children of doctors become doctors too. Most lawyers have children that are lawyers too. Most business people raise their children to be business owners. If you were raised in a household where all you were told was to find a job, that might be all you are interested in achieving. You might not even be aware that there is an entire world of opportunities out there if someone doesn’t show you.  My biggest mentor was my mother. When I was in the 6th grade my mom owned: a restaurant, a deli, two video stores, and a real estate brokerage… All at the same time!  So, it goes without saying that I was mentored by someone who saw the value in having multiple streams of income in the form of various business.  And I have achieved the very same thing! So if you don’t have the people around you to help you make it happen and make you aware of what your possibilities are then you might be at a disadvantage to create a financially abundant life.

Right now, I have a coaching program to help people build businesses… Whether they know what type of business they want to do or not. There are many ways to leverage your financial portfolio. The biggest step is the desire to want to. The next step is to take massive action.  Massive action is defined at really putting your all into a project to insure success.  I call it being GANGSTA! When I do something, I go all in (meaning, I put my all into it)!  You might not see me for awhile… You might not know that I am working behind the scenes making it happen!  Because for me, nothing is more empowering that being able to create something amazing for this world and having the ability to live off of that creation.  

Look!  If you are interested in getting out of the rat race to create a life that you don’t need to take a two week vacation from…start here!

Love and Peace to you!

Skai Juice

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