QUEENS ONLY was founded March 19, 2007. What began as a simple blog,

soon became one of the fastest growing forums for and about women. Topics

ranging from politics, to motherhood, relationships, and an overall, common

agenda… the fight for worldwide gender equality. We left no stone unturned. If it

came to mind, we covered it and we discussed it. Regardless of race/ethnic

background, socioeconomic status, religion, or sexual orientation, our fans soon

learned that they shared some of the same struggles, as well as triumphs, with

women all over the world.

QUEENS ONLY is the voice of truth that all Queens long to hear and the

moment of truth that Queens desire to experience. It is real, raw, edgy, and

uncensored, because a Queen knows that it’s no limit to what she can say,

do, or become. QUEENS ONLY is enlightening, entertaining, and

empowering to women all over. Our brand reigns supreme. Power to all