Editor’s Note

If I’ve learned anything over the course of the last eight years, I’ve learned the importance of timing. I’ve learned that you can set all of the deadlines that you want to set, but if you aren’t prepared for the opportunity, then the opportune time will not present itself. Years will pass, you will grow older, and you will grow wiser. However, until everything is in place, those plans that you have in mind will not come to fruition.

I wasn’t prepared to launch an online magazine eight years ago, I simply wanted to jump into a career that I had no knowledge of. I hadn’t done my due diligence. I knew nothing about taking the necessary steps that I needed in order to start my own business. All I knew was that I didn’t want to work for anyone and I was determined to put forth all of the effort that I could in order to make sure that that didn’t happen. After all, I’m an Aquarius. I was destined for greatness.

With wonderful parents such as my own and great Aquarian influences that came before me in mind, all I knew was that if anyone deserved all of the greatness in the world, it was me. I refused to sell myself short and I refused to settle. I never thought like a “traditional woman”. I didn’t subscribe to the ideology of the misogynistic mindset of what a woman should be or how she should behave. I never believed that I had to restrict myself to what society tried to reduce women to, because I was born knowing that it was more to me. I’m a Queen… The most POWERFUL piece on a chessboard. Therefore, I know and understand the strength of a woman, the magic of the Goddess, and the power of a Queen.

Today is one of the greatest days of my life… My Birthday (January 21st). It’s also the day of my Queens Only magazine launch. Special love and thanks the Creator, my family, and everyone who have supported me over the years. Look out world!

Elle “Queen” Cunningham