“Beautiful Realization”

Ms. Rasha Patterson

She LOVES the skin she’s in and is ever so careful of what she wears-what represents it

She KNOWS HER TRUTH and keeps it in mind in the midst of distractions against WOMANKIND

She ACKNOWLEDGES her perfect imperfections

She FREELY loves other women because she knows there is no competition

She KNOWS there is no need to open her mouth to demand respect because…


That “Beautiful Realization” is about KNOWING who you are, you have reached the point of no return!  No returning from who you used to be and the place in which other people last saw you standing.  You are so clear that your vision of Self is reflected in how you dress-you are FEELING YOURSELF from the inside out.  Even when the world is telling you who you should be, act like and do- you are not waivered. Realizing who you are is a beautiful thing, make no mistakes about it.  Just be ready; when you arrive at this place, there will be others who will attempt to tell you about yourself or who you are and you will find it comical.  You are so assured at this point that you won’t even find the need to explain yourself or indulge in conversations about who you are and what you are doing.  Though with all of this beautifulness, the most awesome part about this realization (in my opinion) is the piece that allows you to love freely other women!  Seeing and loving your own imperfections as you embrace your greatness lets you see the beauty in others and to recognize that what they have to offer does not compare to the table you can set.  You, her and all other women are uniquely and wonderfully made, THERE IS NO COMPETITION and there is room for us all.

You see, when you carry yourself assuredly of who you are in all ways- you are demanding a respect that doesn’t require your mouth to make a move.  Actions speak louder than words, always. This “Beautiful Realization” takes you to another level, which places you in the space to see that others have worked just as hard as you to make changes for themselves and to stand where they do today.  You see that the struggle is real and that it’s worth it to keep going on because BETTER and GREATER is yet to come!

It is a “Beautiful Realization” that life has just begun!


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