Building My Relationship with God

I was working one day at my desk when I started to overhear a conversation between two women.  One woman said to the other, “You are all over the place with these men.  Running from one man to another man.  You are falling in and out of love.  I wonder how much of that energy you put into loving God.”

I stopped and looked up. She looked me dead in my eyes.  I said to her, “Wow that is a powerful question.  I wonder how many people spend as much energy into building their relationship with God as they do into relationships with men.”

Many of us fall short.  I’m guilty of that as well.  I allow so many things to become a priority before taking the time to build my relationships with God.  I had to sit back and think about it.  I pray in the morning and I study my Bible on Sundays.  I need to make a conscious effort to read the bible every day to stay connected to the source and to make God my first priority.

The question, “How much energy do we put into our relationships with God?” is a wake- up call to not allow distractions and life to get in the way of building a relationship with your higher source whatever you call it.  We must redirect our energy to putting God first.  Allow God to direct our steps.  Seek out God’s guidance and his grace in all things.  I need to make sure that I redirect my energy and stop agonizing on things and allow God to drive my ship

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