Bullied 5th Grader Creates Her Own Fashion Line to Celebrate Her Beauty

Alisha Rose

Bullied 5th Grader
Young Ify Ufele is not your average 5th grader.

Ify, a straight A student, was brutally bullied at school, because of her appearance. Living life as a young, plus sized, black girl, had proven to be a challenging task for her, as she was singled out by her schoolmates and bullied for simply being different.

When the bullying began to take a physical toll on Ufele, requiring her and her mother to take several trips to physicians, she began to fear going to school and wanted to withdraw.

With some encouragement from her mother, she decided to channel her feelings into a more constructive outlet- her sewing machine.


Combining her love of sewing with her love of fashion, Ify created her own clothing line, which she branded as Chubii. According to Ufele, “Chubii” stands for celebrating the natural beauty of anyone who is different.

Bullied 5th Grader

Her clothing line caters to a wide variety of individuals, including plus sized girls, grown women, slimmer figured women, little boys, grown men and even dolls.

Bullied 5th Grader

Chubii was featured at New York Fashion week’s, Small Boutique Show. She received rave reviews from critics who loved her unique line, which combines traditional African designs with Urban-American, clothing styles.

Bullied 5th Grader

Ufele is excited for her future in fashion and hopes that her story will continue inspire others.

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