Chris Rock Uses Oscar Night to Address Race Relations in Hollywood

Carmen Jonez

Oops! The Blacks have done it again. They’ve exploited themselves all of the sake remaining relevant in the entertainment industry and for the almighty dollar! Nothing new there. I have to wonder if President Obama plans on giving Chris Rock a special White House Salute for doing such an outstanding job with those jokes at the Oscars. However, what seemed to baffle me was the extreme in which comedian, Chris Rock, took his jokes. Reflecting on times of lynching and other social concerns of injustice surrounding Blacks, Rock expressed that Blacks had never spoken out against the Oscars before because they had more important things to focus on within Black communities.

He even went as far as involving one of the most hated coons in the entertainment industry to give Blacks a Black History Month, shoutout. That’s right, Chris Rock pulled out the big guns and elected to bring the queen of fuckery out on stage, the one and only, Stacey ‘I Stay Clueless’ Dash. She made the biggest fool of herself and to be quite honest, I don’t believe that the Academy even knew who she was. Following the reaction of the audience, I’m sure she wanted to book herself a first class ticket out of the country after receiving dead silence upon entering and exiting the stage. No one responded in the manner in which she expecting. We can only hope that Chris Rock set her up and asked the audience not to applaud her, because the audience did just that.

But Blacks weren’t the butt of all of Chris Rock’s jokes… Law Enforcement officials also caught hell behind doing such a wonderful job in targeting innocent Blacks. This led to backlash from cops allegedly calling Chris Rock a “RACIST”. You have to wish that people would educate themselves on what the the hell the true meaning of being a racist is. In no way could a Black person ever be a racist. Blacks don’t control anything in the United States, so please save all of the, “At least we have a Black President in office,” bullshit. As we all know that not even President Obama (or any other president for that matter) can make the final decision at the end of the day without the say so of the Speaker of the House. Now, granted, that’s a matter of politics and not race, but I’m sure you get the gist of what I’m saying. Blacks don’t control much. And that’s exactly why it’s so important that when they get an opportunity to finally step up on that soapbox, that they own that moment and take advantage of it.

Chris Rock slammed (insulted) everyone he could think to slam and exploit and he did it equally, regardless of how comfortable or uncomfortable the jokes make people feel. Things needed to be addressed, and Rock addressed them. Will it influence the results of the Oscars in the future? Probably not. However, at the end of the day, Blacks are more aware now than ever of their role and their worth when it comes to selecting roles in Hollywood and the entertainment industry PERIOD. They are to be rewarded for negative, degrading roles, and roles of servitude. Black musicians are good enough to have their music featured in commercials, but mainstream media doesn’t care to see their faces in those commercials. So, do not expect to be heavily rewarded by a group of individuals who envy you and choose to tell Black history and stories in a manner in which they want the masses to believe. Whites and mainstream media have been doing this forever.

I don’t have an issue with everything that Chris Rock said, I only wish that he could have said more. I only wish that he would have shaken the world on Oscar night 2016 the same way Beyonce did at the Super Bowl 50 and Kendrick Lamar did at the Grammy Awards. I can only wish that he would have called more attention to the war on Black America and kept it serious just for one moment. I can only wish the we could have ended Black History Month with a Big Bang, but then again, I guess that’s what the critics are for. Was February 2016 not the best Black History Month ever?

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