Confidence in beauty defined

Namariq Almansoury

So this time we are all about women empowerment. To me this topic is so close to my heart it’s one of the reasons I choose to be in the beauty industry. Makeup is a great tool to boost women’s confidence and a confident woman is a strong woman. It hurts me when I meet women with great potential who are smart, educated, and beautiful, yet they fail when it comes to presenting themselves to the world. They lack confidence to face the world. Skin issues such as acne, discoloration, or even scars, can really bring you down.

Here are some tips that can help you overcome all of these problems:

Education and independence are the keys to a powerful woman. Today we will talk about makeup tips for school and work. We also talk about covering your imperfection to boost that inner confidence so nothing can stop you from shining.

First thing is always a good base. We need our makeup to remain on all day. However, we have more important things to do than fixing our makeup, right?

Second thing is to keep it clean. Work and school makeup should be a very soft and light makeup. It’s also a plus if we can find makeup with healthy ingredients for everyday use. Like products that contains minerals and hydrating factors. BB creams and CC creams are great for everyday use because they contain primer moisturizers and sunscreen, plus they are lightweight and do not clog the pores.
Sunscreen is a must. Whatever products you’re using make sure to apply sunscreen with enough SPF even if you’re working indoors. Sunscreen keeps us from sun damage and delays skin maturing.

Now to cover acne, discolorations, or scars. You need a good concealer. This concealer is a different shade than the one you use under eye circles. The reason why is because under eyes you can use a lighter color than your skin color to brighten that area. For the rest of the face you need a concealer that is the exact same color of your skin or even darker to make sure it covers everything. Use the concealer only on the areas that need extra coverage to avoid a cakey look.

And remember always stay fierce!

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