Egyptian Ramadan


Basma El-Gabry

Ramadan is a religious holiday, where Muslims fast for a month, increase prayers, and acts of charity. The idea behind not eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset is to experience a very physical reminder of the hungering and suffering of the poor.

Egyptian Ramadan - Queens Only

But actually, if you need to know more about Ramadan from a religious point of view, you can google it. I’m going to tell you about the Ramadan that Google can’t describe – Ramadan in Egypt. Here, Ramadan has its own magic. Things that rarely happen during the rest of the year can be observed. You see increased visits from relatives and families sharing meals regularly throughout the month. You find the streets celebrating the ceremonies of Ramadan with lights and decorations, kids playing together after sunset with Ramadan lanterns, and so many other beautiful things.

During Egyptian Ramadan, Christians join their Muslim friends and neighbors for meals and desserts. Sometimes they distribute drinks and meals in the streets honoring the holiday’s intent. Some even follow the traditional customs of fasting or standing at sunset.

Egyptian Ramadan - Queens Only

Everyday of Ramadan is a gathering and feast. You find the magic, and spirituality, in every single detail. Egypt may have its issues but I guarantee that an Egyptian Ramadan is not something to be missed.Egyptian Ramadan - Queens Only

Dear reader, visit your Muslim friends between June 6th through the month’s end and join their Ramadan ceremony. Trust that you’ll be pleased. Let me know how it goes if you do…


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