How to Fix the World

Basma El-Gabry

Egypt hasn’t been in its best state for the last several decades. Currently, it is not the best choice for young, innovative women. Like many nations, we have been facing many political, economical, and educational problems.

Whenever I’m very close to losing hope for my country, I’ve discovered that a hero appears. It might be an old lady, a homeless guy, a talkative, young boy… The goodness in the people appear at the perfect time for fixing almost any wrong. Out of the blue comes a stranger, providing just enough hope and faith to keep you going.

Over here, it is very common for kids to call any older person ‘uncle’ or ‘aunt’. It’s normal to see Christians and Muslims together in the streets celebrating Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. It’s just as normal to see Muslims sharing Christmas joy with their Christian neighbors. On public transportation, you always find people engaging in lively conversations, regardless of age. There’s always a feeling of warmth and collaboration, in spite of what the media, or government, projects.

I do believe that nations are “by the people,” but by definition only. From a political perspective, the humanity in nations has been neglected for fear of appearing weak. The only solution is to infuse the globe with kindness until there is no more breath in our bodies. Just as what happens in the streets of Egypt.

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