Mother’s Love

Basma El-Gabry

It is said that a mother’s love can’t be replaced… Well, that’s true, no matter what your mother ever does, no one will ever love you like your mother.

In Islam, the position of mother is one of utmost appreciation. It is said that Heaven lies under a mother’s foot. Also, when the Prophet Mohammad was asked who was entitled to accompany him, he said mother three times in a row, and then said father.

In Egyptian society, the mother is highly respected as well. Here, women don’t separate from their mothers until marriage, usually marrying at their mother’s house. It’s also very common to see a 30-year-old man living under his mom’s roof, obeying and respecting her orders, even after getting married.

In the US, a mother-in-law is called ‘Mom’ to show love and respect. Over here, we have this weird habit, which is not telling our mother’s name to anyone. She is either called ‘Mom’, or called her by her son or husband’s name.

However, I was raised by a single mother who gave up everything for my two elder sisters and me. Egyptian law prevents mothers from having custody of their children if she marries, forcing women to choose her life or the lives of her children. My mother chose her children, as many mothers do.

Once I saw a woman take on the role of a father and a mother, working hard to pay bills, and working even harder to raise her daughters, I knew that I too could be a fearless and motivated woman. I owe every single thing in my entire life to my mother. If she reads this, I want her to know that I love her and am proud to be her daughter.

Dear reader, pick up your phone and call your mother. Even better, give her a visit and tell her that you love her and appreciate everything that she’s done for you. Let her know that you are proud of her. Trust me, it will only take those few moments to make her day.

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