Positive Thinking

Melisa Tunley

“A sensually activated woman is a wealthy natural resource for any community” – India Ame’ye

With that said, we could go for days about how feeling good via our five (main) senses can improve our lives thus empowering those around us but today I want to make note of a sense that is more than noteworthy¬¬¬—our emotions. Emotions are a product of our thoughts and both largely impact our lives. You can empower yourself through healing your mind which will empower everyone in your community.

“There are two emotions that humankind experience: fear and love.” – Erykah Badu

The root of all emotions is either in fear or love. Emotions like worry, anxiety, anger, control and sadness are all based in fear. Contrarily, emotions like joy happiness, caring, trust and compassion are based in love. So all we have to do is do the positive emotions…

Easy enough, right?

Maybe not, a lot of folks will ask, “how can I feel joy when my lights are about to be cut off? Can’t afford my surgery? Don’t have a job?” Well, I’ve been there and my only solution when I seemingly didn’t have a solution was to be positive.

Fear based emotions physiologically trigger the fight or flight response in our bodies clouding our judgment and clarity by putting us in the “defensive mode” instead of in a proactive, productive one. This is why we turn to “Stress eating,” drinking, drugging or even exercising in hopes of passively escaping misery. On the other hand, positive emotions induce the reproduction of T-cells which strengthens our immune system, generally making us healthier.

If we don’t allow expression of these emotions by repressing them under the guise of eating donuts they will eventually weaken our immune system allowing for illness (not to mention what a surplus of donuts will do to you). We need to feel what we feel wholly and train ourselves to position negative situations in a positive light.

Training (and I stress the word training) yourself to think positively will result in a healthier life, period.

For a Class A criticizer, I had to learn different techniques that allowed for me a positive thinking pattern which translated into a generally healthier, positive life. But don’t get me wrong! Our emotions, especially the negative ones, serve an immense purpose. I read that our emotional sensitivity is often a good indicator reflecting what is taking place around us. This means what we react to (even after you’ve smacked someone upside their head) is a great teller of what is good for us and what is not in our lives. So if you feel bad about something let it be an indication of what it is in your heart that you really desire.

“Following your heart also means eliminating the things that no longer evolve you.”-Erykah Badu

It’s simple to say “be positive” or “vibrate higher” but if you cannot raise your emotional state immediately, try to raise the stage. Get out of toxic environments including and eventually the one in your head and get into inspiring beautiful ones that uplift you. Empower your community through self-empowerment by healing your mind. There are tons of ways out there to assist you in your journey, pick one and elevate.

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