Restructuring Your Own Power

Eula M. Guest

Many of us go through the day in the moment wearing many hats.  Do we stop to think about owning and developing our power?  Do we restructure our brains to use our power positively?  For many of us who worry about so many things going on in our lives that we don’t take the time to understand and use our power to think positively. And to understand that we do have many choices and although tomorrow is not promise to us, we can restructure our brains to move in a more positive and calmer directions.

As a person who has developed anxiety over the years it took me a long time to live in the moment. I use the side of my brain that is always planning and thinking ahead.  I’m actually extremely good at logistics.  I live by the calendar.  So for me, when things started to go wrong and out of my control, my brain went out of control.  I was nervous all the time, I couldn’t sleep.  I developed insomnia.  When I slept, I had nightmares.  My brain was still awake when I was sleep, I would relive my fears in my sleep.  I started to feel out of control.  I finally figured out what my triggers were and started to work my way back into a calm state.  Still working on it.

Things you can do to stay in control:

  1. Life happens, there is no control over unforeseen occurrence, but you do have control over how you deal with them.
  2. Know that you control what you take in. I am someone who many come to for advice.  It got to a point that I was emotionally taking on the loads of others.  I had to learn how to unload.
  3. Learn to release the problems of others or those problems will stay with you and begin to affect you. It starts gradually, and then one day you’re having a panic attack and don’t know why.  If you have people in your lives that like to unload, you have the power to say, “You know I can’t deal with this today,” and get off the phone. You could also say, “You know we’ve been on this road before and you seem to keep repeating the same mistakes.  You didn’t listen to me then so I am not going to revisit this topic with you again.”
  4. Learn when to let go and let God. Some people in our lives are users and we love them. We allow them to use us no matter how they do it. We have the control to say enough is enough.  Set ground rules and stick to them.  It’s difficult in the beginning but it gets easier as you move along.
  5. Allow yourself quiet time. Some of us don’t like being alone and we carry all that it entails: dysfunction, your house is out of order, chaos, confusion, disruption in your spiritual flow.  You don’t have control of your working environment to a certain extent, but you do have control over your home life. And your home should be a place of quiet peace and a sanctuary, even if you work from home.  Set a start and finish time and stick to it.
  6. Keep your home clean and get rid of the clutter. Clutter is a source of anxiety.  This is difficult for many especially if you have young children but you should make time during the week to de-clutter your home.
  7. De-clutter your life, you may have many people around you who are a source of overload. They load all their stuff on you.  Have you ever spoke to a person and after you finish you had a headache or you wanted to go to sleep they just zapped all your energy from you or very needy they can’t make a decision without running it by you.  De-Clutter your life.  I’m not saying get rid of them all together that is your choice and you do have a choice but keep them at a distance or set aside some time to speak to them once a week or once per month and keep it to a limit.
  8. Meditation has helped me get rid of the racing in my brain. I have learned how to calm myself down and to de-stress. My husband and I started our daughter meditating when she was younger to help her during test time when she would get out of control from the stress of the city wide test.  Taking a nice long bath with lavender playing nice calming music (Jazz) always helped her get ready for her city wide.
  9. You have the power to watch what you eat. I know I’m still working on that. Sugar is a source of anxiety for some people.  For some it is like cocaine it whines them up.  Caffeine is another trigger.  Keep a food diary to figure out what is making you jumpy, nervous and out of control.
  10. Turn your devices off, including telephones, computers, tablet, answering machines, television etc. I turn the ringer off my land line at a certain time.  It’s family time and distress time no more work or calls for the day.  Learn how to turn your mobile devices off.  Remember it has an answering machine the person calling has the power to leave a message or call you the next day.   Watching the news for me can keep me on edge.  Don’t watch the news at night and for me some mornings it’s just too much.  Evenings should be quiet time to de-clutter your mind quiet reflection, praying, meditation, and being grateful for making it home safe.
  11. Get off of social media! I see some people online late at night. I’m guilty of that myself.  I had to train my brain to turn off all device at a certain time and place your devices on chargers until the next morning.  For some of us this is hard to do.  It’s worth it because you are training your mind and body to relax and you are not taking in information that will get you upset, angry and confrontational on-line.  Whatever is going on in cyber space will be there when you wake up in the morning.

If you find that these steps are not helpful after a the first few months, you may want to consider seeking spiritual guidance. Take control of you.  Own your power.

Eula M. Guest, COO of Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc.  Griot’s Roll has been in existences since 2004.  To contact Ms. Guest please email her at

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