Jasiri Nkalati

We are of the perfect essence already, as we are right now. We wanted to see how expansive we could be in another dimension so we agreed to the process of human birth. As we aged, we gradually adopted the values and identities of our culture, our families, our communities, and even the world we see and experience around us. With conscious or conflict, we gave it precedence over ever truly knowing who we are or what sparked us into being. There may have been a time when we expressed ourselves freely and gave more attention to what sparked us most. We considered the judgment of others very rarely or not at all. And without necessarily understanding it’s label, we sided with happiness because we only knew happiness to mean doing whatever occurred naturally to us.

Now, in our later years, we do the work of systematically undoing and releasing all conditionings that taught us how to be correct, appropriate, and conforming in the name of fear and judgment. Eventually, we may have become irritated or uneasy and didn’t know exactly why or what it was. It is the core of you, the blood of you, your spirit pulling on you to bring your attention to the very beginning where you contracted with living your best life, to stand and walk tall in your knowing, to always offer honey before thorns, and to acknowledge what ever fear comes along but to show up anyway on FULL BLAST because you knew already that there was no place, being, or person higher than your own divinity. Be afraid and look at it with locked and vigilant eyes resolute in your core. Whatever you will do to rid yourself of agents that do not assist or enhance your best qualities, do that again and again and again till you can meet it and simply smile, completely unaffected by its dis[illusion]ment. You are here for YOU! All that’s required is that you wake up to that with fierce commitment.

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