The Status of Pakistani Women

Hena Gul

Pakistan is an under developed country and has some of the worse situations and statuses in terms of economic instability, security, education, and health problems. It is an area currently under critical circumstances and has a great deal of issues and concerns everywhere. Women and children are the most vulnerable groups throughout the world, but in Pakistan they are the most concerning and vulnerable, as both groups are always denied in each field.

There are a number of social issues in Pakistan, but the most prominent issue that most people struggle with is education, especially when it pertains to educating females. It is a male dominated society where females are exempt from receiving equal rights. However, education plays an important role in developing human capital in any society. It has become a universal human right around the globe. Education is important regardless of whether someone is male or female.

Home has been defined as a woman’s ideological and physical space where she performs her reproductive role as a mother, wife, and sister, while men dominate the world outside of the home and perform their productive roles as breadwinners. Girls are not allowed to go to outside for education or jobs due to restrictions. They are not involved in any decisions, and they are ignored in each field. Here in Pakistan there is discrimination among girls and boys. The household resources are allocated in the favor of sons (male members of the family) due to their productive role. Education for boys is prioritized versus girls because it is perceived that boys must be equipped with educational skills to compete for future responsibilities. While girls should have domestic skills that will equip them to be good mothers and wives, hence, education is not that important for girls.

This gender division of labor has been internalized by society, and females do not have many choices for themselves that could change these patriarchal realities of their lives. Society does not allow females to develop their human capabilities by precluding them from acquiring education. Lack of emphasis on the importance of women’s education is one of the cardinal features of gender inequality in Pakistan. Education has been of central significance to the development of human society. It is very much connected to women’s ability to form social relationships on the basis of equality with others and to achieve the important social good of self-respect. It is important, as well, to mobility (through access to jobs and the political process), to health and life (through the connection to bodily integrity). Education can allow women to participate in politics so they can ensure that their voices and concerns are heard and addressed in the public policy. It is also crucial for women’s access to the legal system.

All these issues and problems can be solved if provided with the proper education especially to females (women) as they can contribute to each part of life. Women are strong not weak as they not only take care of their parents and homes, but also their husbands, kids, and they are a strong foundation of any family. Without women support and participation a country could not be developed.

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