The Unpretty Side of Beauty

Stephanie Garcia

If you’re anything like me, you crave glamour. So you give most of your money to cosmetic companies, you cruise YouTube for tutorials of the latest contours and cat eyes, never realizing that the very products that keep you beautiful, also contain a toxic surprise. A typical morning routine of even a “basic” application of makeup can litter your body with over 200 toxic chemicals that take just 26 seconds to enter your bloodstream, causing long term effects from fertility issues to cancer! Even organic products can be misleading, as those products only have to contain 70 percent of organic ingredients in order to be certified as organic.


I personally suffered from breakouts, rashes, headaches, styes, and fatigue, until I discontinued makeup after being a makeup artist for years. It was a conscious decision that I made because I could no longer knowingly slather toxic chemicals on the faces of others. I now follow a strict organic routine and I read labels vigilantly. I strongly encourage all of you queens to do the same, because the true beauty is about your health. And no amount of cosmetics are worth the pain.

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