Two Spirit Vibe

Vibe Veda

In Native American culture, 2Spirits were respected and revered. A person’s highest self is a divine balance of the masculine and feminine. They were very aware that these people existed amongst them, and instead of seeing them as outcasts or oddities, 2Spirits were admired.

These days androgynous, gender-nuetral individuals find themselves faced with endless questions, curious or judgemental stares and awkward moments. People are beginning to understand LGBT, but this is not about that. This is about being the ALL, the embodiment of one’s highest self.

Born a woman, anatomically speaking, but raised as a boy, and always feeling like some of both, I was exposed to a different type of lifestyle in many aspects. I know how to be feminine, and that has come in handy for things like job interviews, etc. But what I began to notice was, once I got the job or got comfortable in whatever situation it may have been, I reverted back to my masculine tendencies and style of dress.

There are certain things that I enjoy and appreciate, that could be seen as feminine, but then I think of people like Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, McJagger, Grace Jones, and many other androgynous spirits. They enjoyed tight clothes, nail polish, make-up…and yet everyone loved them for being cutting edge! Allowing people to be ALL of themselves, without saying “that is too masculine” or “that is too feminine” is very important. Otherwise a person may feel the need to suppress one side of them self in order to appease society, based on their physical gender.

Embrace. Love. Be. Allow.

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