What is Female Ejaculation?

Grace Diaz

“Sexual energy is creative energy – think what it means if our flow is stopped! It means we’ve blocked parts of our creativity. And it means there is part of our sexuality that we haven’t explored. That we don’t know exists…I believe that we have barely scratched the surface of the sensations and pleasure the G-spot can provide us.”

-Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot by Deborah Sundahl

Female ejaculation is the symbol of a woman’s fluidity. Her light floods through unobstructively and her fluids build up, then bam…she gushes! Squirting is the hallmark of a woman’s strength and sexual power! The waters of our Yoni are so pungent with life force energy that to withhold them is to suppress an important symbol of our womanhood. The beauty of being a Goddess is to claim our wild, wet, and untamed nature and allowing our natural environment to worship it!

The word succulence literally means to be filled with thick and juicy liquid. The succulents in the plant kingdom are those that have dense leaves, stems, and roots, as they are concentrated with high amounts of moisture in their body. Their sap, similar to a woman’s vaginal succulence that she squirts during ejaculation is used as remedies all over the world, such as aloe, agave, peyote, and many more.

Every woman has the potential to squirt her sensual succulence…

One woman who attended our female ejaculation workshop in Baltimore, MD learned how to extend her clitoral arousal into vaginal arousal. She would lay back, breathe deep and slow and with love massage her clitoris. The a minute later she would work her way up to her vaginal canal for 5 seconds, then clitoris for another minute, then Yoni canal 30 seconds. Eventually she had her first ejaculatory orgasm. She was exploding with joy. This woman previously mentioned to me how she was “repulsed” at her desire to learn squirting. She later expressed to me that with group affirmation and the hands-on practice she was able to experience something that freed her Yoni for all time.

The prostate gland is our erectile tissue also known as the G-spot. Every woman has a prostate gland, which means every woman can squirt. Our prostate gland produces and streams our magical Yoni elixir. When we become sensually excited our prostate gland builds up its reservoir of refined kidney juice and when we are totally at peace with our build up we erupt our liquid.

A small percentage of women squirt ”retrograde” which means that squirt reversely towards their bladder. Thus some woman may not know they are already squirting. Usually these women are the ones who gush out a flood of liquid. Either way, in order to squirt women must learn to relax in the mist of feeling like they have to pee and allow the energy to direct itself…in other words, trusting the desire to spray their feminine fountain! Others do not squirt fully because their PC muscles need strengthening before they can naturally project the fluid out into a shooting fashion.

Squirting hydrates our Yoni into youth!

Feminine ejaculate, a clear orderlies liquid contains a world of rich and sweet hormonal vitality, boosting whoever absorbs her. The medical industry is still catching up to its healing powers. Our vaginal tincture is often unappreciated as urinary stress incontinence, exhibiting the ignorance of the female solar system.

The term “g-spot” represents a paradigm where men claimed territory. Simply because they felt they were the first to discover it they put their name on it, when in reality they were the last one ones to discover it, such as a woman’s prostate gland. The “G” in G-spot stands for Ernst Gräfenburg. Similar to other terms such as “kegal” and “bartholin glands”, these terms do not hold an honorary expression for a woman’s genital temple. Instead their own egos are what is remembered when uttering the terms above. Therefore, I will proceed to use sensually alive and creative expressions to identify the prostate gland.

According to Deborah Sundalh’s research “the progressive light workers” known as the Federation of Feminist Woman’s Health Care Centers were the first to medically document the female body in 1981 because American and European anatomical textbooks did not! This institutional negligence speaks volumes about the priorities of the medical institution that is supposedly intended to help being healing. Women’s vaginal wellness has been disregarded for too long.

The result of this ignorance gave rise to procedures that could have otherwise been avoided, counterbalanced, or prevented, such as hysterectomies which seem to occur out of the belief that if its breaking down, get rid of it – instead of heeding an understanding of why women’s sacred parts may devitalize and how to boost it, instead of forfeiting it by complete removal. Thus, women must learn their sacred physiology, pleasure, orgasm, fertility, ejaculation, and reproductive vitality instead of handing it over unconsciously.

Learning to squirt is the foundation to completely letting go of negative perceptions we may carry around this practice.

Reflecting on how to approach ejaculation for a beginner is important. Knowing where our most sensitive and erotic spot is on our Yoni is first! For example, if you are more are more prone to orgasm through deep and slow vaginal penetration, than directly massaging the prostate gland (spongy tissue laying anterior of the Yoni’s entrance). However, if you are more prone to orgasm through clitoral stimulation, than learning to interlace clitoral and prostate stimulation together is best for activating succulent squirting.

Although it is important to stimulate our Yoni into new orgasmic heights, it is not necessary to have an orgasm for ejaculation to occur. Orgasm and squirting are two different phenomenons that can manifest simultaneously or independently. But when we commit Yoni practice, such as attending Female Ejaculation Workshops it becomes easier to intertwine these two miraculous occurrences.


  • A woman’s fluidity is symbolically expressed through her ejaculation
  • Squirting represents a woman’s vaginal power and sexual strength
  • Our prostate gland produces and secretes our sacred liquor
  • Being at peace in our body, while building up sensual excitement is what allows our ejaculate to fountain out.
  • Building strong vaginal muscles allows our prostate fluid to shoot out with greater force.
  • Our Yoni fluid is a hydrating, antibacterial life force fluid
  • Squirting is often misjudged as urinary incontinence.
  • It wasn’t until 1981 that American and European medical textbooks finally documented women’s vaginal anatomy.
  • Practicing female ejaculation will release negative perceptions we have revolving squirting that may manifest in the form of vaginal pain.
  • Using visualization during prostate massage can help us surrender spots of tenderness or soreness.
  • Embodying an affirmation, such as, “I am open” during climax will quickly manifest a squirting Yoni.
  • What will hinder the outcome of squirting or not is being result-oriented as oppose to experience-oriented.
  • Enjoying the journey into the experience manifests a squirt
  • It is not necessary for either sex to orgasm in order to ejaculate.

Affirm with Feeling

  1. “I Am a Succulent Squirting Goddess!”
  2. “I Am Filled with Life’s Pungent & Potent Juices!”
  3. “My Feminine Fountain Amplifies my Cosmic Powers!”
  4. “I instinctively flow with the power of my Goddess-Gush!”
  5. “My strength of Letting Go intensifies my Succulent Flow!”
  6. “My Yoni’s divine nectar nourishes those who drink it!”
  7. “I Am Juicy Goddess-Strength!”
  8. “The Stream I birth carries the Wealth and Health of my body!”
  9. “I gently rub love into my Yoni’s tender spots.”
  10. “I fantasize my Highest Truth and squirt this Affirmation into Existence!”
  11. “I stimulate Divine Love into my Yoni’s deepest regions!”
  12. “I impregnate my Yoni with visualizations.
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